ipxer.com is a tool for discovering information about IP addresses and domain names. These tools are available by entering a domain or IP address in the ipxer.com search form, or, by entering a valid IP address or domain directly after the ipxer.com URL (ex. http://ipxer.com/ or http://ipxer.com/virginia.edu) Currently, tools are provided to discover:

  • IP Information, includes AS, AS Name, BGP Prefix, Registry and Allocation Date.
  • example: http://ipxer.com/
  • IP Information by Domain
  • example: http://ipxer.com/yahoo.jp/
  • IP Geolocation, determines the general location (city resolution) of an IP address.
  • example: http://ipxer.com/
  • DNSBL Lookup, queries the most widely used spam blacklists.
  • example: http://ipxer.com/
  • DNS Records, currently, queries for current A, MX, NS and PTR records for a given domain.
  • example:http://ipxer.com/www.google.com/a/
  • example: http://ipxer.com/nytimes.com/mx
  • example: http://ipxer.com/ttnet.net.tr/ns/
  • Subnet Information, displays information about a network given a subnet in CIDR notation.
  • example:http://ipxer.com/
  • Web Crawler Lists, displays IP addresses of known search engine web crawlers.
  • example:http://ipxer.com/crawler/
  • example:http://ipxer.com/crawler/Yahoo
  • example:http://ipxer.com/crawler/Google